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7 Whitewater Rafting Safety Tips from Raft Masters


7 Whitewater Rafting Safety Tips from Raft Masters

Whitewater rafting is among the most thrilling water adventures that you can try out today. It is a great activity to perform, no matter what your experience level is. It is a popular sport in the mountains where people enjoy rafting with their family and friends. Before you take part in the sport, there are a few safety tips that you should know to make sure that you will look back at your experience in a positive way.

Choose a licensed outfitter

Make sure about the experience of the outfitter before you hire them. Check for the license and how long they have been in the businesses. Check for the training available with their guides to make sure that they are legit and professional. A professional outfitter will always keep the rules and safety in check.

Use life jacket always

You should know how to ear the life jacket correctly. All the buckles much are clipped properly, and the jacket should be fitted snug on your body. Your jacket shout fit you while giving you enough room to breathe properly.

Wear all protective gear

Never compromise on your safety as waters can be as dangerous as they are fun. Wear every safety gear that is provided by the outfitter. Wear your helmet no matter what happens. You will only be a smarter person while rafting even if you do not look smart in the safety gear.

Wear the right outfits

Do not wear something that is already heavy on your body. Avoid all the clothes that can absorb more water. You can shop for a proper wet suit, river shoes, splash jacket, etc. Find out if the outfitter has all the necessary equipment available or you will need some extra shopping.

Learn to grip the paddle

Gripping the paddle is important under the safety concern. Your one hand should be at the base of the paddle, and the other hand should be by the end of the shaft over the T-grip. The T-grip will provide control on steering the paddle while the other hand will pull the paddle to moving.

Raft Masters

Stay in the boat

The kids often try to swim around the boat the moment they are in the water. While this can be allowed in still waters, it can be dangerous while you are in white waters. Make sure you listen to your guide properly and never try to leave the boat until he says so. Even when you fall, you should not panic and try to locate your boat. The guide will help you climb back on the boat.

Never panic

White water rafting has its own risks; that is why it is an “Adventure sport”. When you are going for it, you should make up your mind to overcome any problem that comes during the journey. Never panic even in the most difficult situations, and watch yourself bounce back with the team again.


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